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NAFTA applies the principles of responsible business to the communities and areas in which it operates. We believe that supporting public service projects is essential and so we are a partner in community development and environmental, learning and cultural activities focused on health, family and sports.
As part of our social responsibility programme, we supported the projects:
- reconstruction of civic buildings and monuments
- reconstruction of roads, school facilities, and civic safety systems
- construction of recycling yards
- educational programmes, purchase of learning aids
- building and reconstruction of children playgrounds and civic sports fields
- social and music events and municipal festivities
- rewarding the best students at the national level
- sports events in the municipality and running organisations
- projects for handicapped children
- donation of furniture and computers to school facilities and NGOs
However, we do not focus solely on local community development projects. We also supported a national project aimed at raising awareness as regards supporting family values and the role of the father in the family in particular, entitled “Slovakia needs good fathers”.
NAFTA provides support in the social and health care area by financial assistance to children with disabilities. Our employees regularly participate in these voluntary financial donations. We also expanded philanthropic activities at our company by donating blood as part of the "NAFTA Blood Donation".
Contact for community activities
Alena Masláková Škvrndová
External Communication Specialist 
Tel: +421 2 4024 2696
Mobile: +421 908 242 329
Email: info@nafta.sk