Corporate Responsibility

NAFTA acts responsibly towards the community and environment, in which it operates according to valid European and national legal regulations.
We undertake to protect the health and safety of everyone that takes part in our operations or lives in the regions where we operate. We conduct all our activities with respect and care for the environment, and we systematically manage our risks with the aim to achieve sustainable development. 
We will fulfil these undertakings on the basis of the following principles:
  1. Working safely is a condition of employment, and everyone is responsible not only for their own safety but also for the safety of others around them.
  2. Proper operation is based on clear competencies, determination of responsibilities and powers.
  3. Improving the safety of equipment and processes, occupational safety, health and environment (HSE) is a part of our daily life.
  4. Development and sharing of skills and knowledge contributes to the improvement of safety and is part of our professional approach.
  5. Information collection, processing and analysis help us fulfil ambitious goals in improving all aspects of HSE.
  6. In the area of emergency planning we strive to achieve high standards of material security, knowledge of the principles of health and safety at work and prevention, which are continuous and developing part of the professional qualifications of all employees.
  7. We require from our suppliers and motivate them to put sufficient emphasis on training in occupational safety, health and environmental responsibility when carrying out their work.
  8. We conduct open dialogue with all concerned groups and regions where we operate, and we search for common solutions for the sustainable development of environment, and assist in their implementation.
  9. By applying new elements into the HSE system we keep our processes and working environment safe, in order to protect us, our suppliers, and the company's assets against the risk of injury, loss of property or damage.
  10. We also require our suppliers to follow the same corporate responsibility principles.
Compliance with these principles is mandatory for every employee of NAFTA a.s. 

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External Communication Specialist 
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Emergency green line
Tel.: 0800 123 088
Contact the emergency green line in case of observing any special incidents at our facilities.